Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bragging Rights

Maybe it's kind of shameless to brag about your spouse--I mean, after all, I did pick him out of the bunch--and there were a bunch, let me assure you! (ha!). It's kind of like tooting your own horn. What a genius am I to choose this handsome, wonderful man? But, I think my hubby deserves a little respect. Every day I am reminded of what a great guy I have. I don't tell him often enough to his face, but I'm better writing it anyway.

My sweet husband has been more than willing to watch Haven while I go to the gym to work out a few times a week. He doesn't complain, and he tries to come home earlier than usual so I have the opportunity to be on my own for an hour. He also makes dinner for me on those nights. OK, the truth of the matter is, he makes dinner for me most nights. As much as I hate to admit it, I am not the cook of the family. Actually, come to think of it, it doesn't really phase me at all to admit that he's a better cook than I am.
He's really and truly amazing with Haven. There are few men that are comfortable with babies. Even less that are as hands-on a dad as Chris is. He tells me nearly every day that he can't wait until she's older so he can take her on dates. When I was young, I loved it when my dad would single me out and ask me to go with him somewhere. It was usually to the dump, because for some reason my dad really likes to go to the dump, but the actual locale didn't matter because it was just us.

Chris changes diapers, gives Haven baths, burps her, feeds her. He pays attention to her. After I had her, he kept the house spotless and food in my belly. Things I didn't have time to do on my own. He's been incredibly generous when I've wanted something to make my life a bit easier. He's always encouraging me to just get it if I think I'll use it.
I knew I had snagged a special man. My hope is that Haven will have inherited many of her daddy's qualities...especially his wonderfully giving nature.


Chris and Jane said...

Ok, so two things. First, that was very sweet...are you feeling ok? Fever, head pains, dizziness? Secondly, I saw how Haven entered this world. I will sacrifice and come home from work early anytime for you baby.

Love You.

Sheraline said...

I think it's true that there are only a rare few of us who can boast such wonderful involved daddy's right from the git-go! I'm glad you've got one of them... they truly are worth bragging about! :-)

Faerl Marie said...

Chris, good job giving Haven lots of skin-on-skin contact. It has been psychologically proven to increase a baby's security and attachment allowing them face the world courageously! Even though I am truly sure that Jared will be a wonderful dad, feel free to give him tips on how to be extra sweet to me when it is our turn to have babies!
I love ya'll!