Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life With Haven

Some friends and I have established a stroller gang--at least that's what I call it because we take up the whole trail when we go. Today was Haven's first walk. She was a trooper. Slept the whole time and then when she woke up, was ravenously hungry. It's a hard life being pushed to sleep in a stroller. She looked so cute that I meant to take a picture. Unfortunately, by the time I remembered, she'd pooped on her onesie, her new little Teva's had fallen off, and her replacement outfit didn't really match. So, no picture of her on her walk. Her mama's as worn out as she is. I've never had a 3 mile walk kick my butt before, but apparently it does now.

But, since we have a plethora of pictures of our little girl, I have to put one up. This is from last night when my little monkey fell asleep on me. And this one is just cute.

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majaunta said...

OK so I'm coming to get her right now!!!!! I heard her say I want my gramma