Thursday, March 19, 2009

I kissed her other man can say that.

Ok mom, I saw that you Skyped us twice this evening so you could see Haven. Unfortunately, the little monkey has been asleep both times you called so I decided to post a pic for you. I will put a video up soon. I hope this tempts you to come see the little one soon.


Your son


Sarah Taylor said...

Well, you kissed her first, but I think Owen kissed her second. In case Jane forgot to mention, Owen was QUITE upset when it was time for your baby to go home yesterday. He wanted to go with her and when it was clear to him that it wasn't going to happen, the kisses started coming. He blew about 7 or 8 right at her, before Jane was able to get her in the car.

Watch out, the great pursuit has begun!

Chris and Jane said...

Yesterday I told Zach that I was going to have a sit down with his youngest. I thought maybe Owen and I should have a little face time. After we talk maybe he will be more prepared for when she leaves for the Nunnery.

Big Papa.