Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's Going On

I haven't posted in awhile because it feels like we're just waiting around. And waiting around. And waiting around. There's not a heck of a lot you can do when you are this pregnant. Other than beg anyone around you to massage your back. Our little Haven is due in about two weeks. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and things are progressing really well (I won't go into the technical terms here). My midwife expects her this week or next, but then, I'm not sure they really ever know so I'm trying not to count on that.

My friend, Heidi, who just had her cute little boy Isaac a month ago, threw me a baby shower this past weekend. It was super fun, and she made artichoke dip which is always a hit with me. I have pictures, but I'm not willing to share them because I look too big, swollen, and tired. So, here's a picture of Heidi and her baby. And my mom, who I think looks really cute. It's really annoying when people lose weight as you gain.
Please keep us in your prayers, most especially our little girl. We are as ready as we'll ever be. Trudy and Sophie are even preparing for her arrival by thinking that every baby item that comes through the door is theirs.


Kathy said...

All three of you are in my prayers. God reminded me to pray for you before you asked. In the remaining days of your pregnancy and during your labor and delivery, remember all that God has promised you and know that He is faithful!

(I'll keep my schedule open so that I can babysit for your doula any time.)

Jacob and Carrie said...

ok... so you at least have to email me a picture. i'm not there to see you at this "late stage" and I want to stay informed of all the latest happenings! Oh, and I just thought of one really cool benefit of living on the other side of the world. If the baby is born at like 2am, Chris can still call someone to proudly share his news! We'll be awake and probably by our cell phone - which conveniently accepts calls from a local ABQ number, so it won't even be long distance for him. :)

Sarah Taylor said...

You ARE waiting and waiting and waiting...for the arrival of the most beautiful moment you will have experienced thus far. You've already been a mother for about a year now, but nothing compares to that very first time you hear her cry, your eyes meet and you have her in your arms. It's coming, dear Jane! (And dear Chris, too, but your "waiting" period isn't quite so miserable, so you probably don't need quite as much encouragement!)

Just like my mom said, as this period draws to a close, dwell on everything that God has done, is doing and will do to bring about the birth of precious Haven. He has promised incredible things. Continue to profess your hope in Him; He is faithful!

I love all three of you! (And I have to try to keep from thinking about the events to come...or I'll already be crying!)