Monday, September 29, 2008

Church Volleyball Part 2: A Confession

Awhile back I posted about church volleyball and how it brings out people's true colors. A few months ago, although I played, I was more an observer of this social exercise. Today, I write a confession. No longer am I an innocent observer, calmly noticing the bad attitudes, the bossiness, and the down-right unchristian behavior. Yesterday I advanced to psychopathic, evil volleyball person. Ironically this transformation will probably earn me some respect from fellow church volleyball players and possibly a position of leadership...I'm not real sure how the power structure shakes down at our church, but I suspect that a good deal of it is decided in sand in front of a net.

First of all I should state that my team stunk! Individually we actually had some powerful players but as a team we kind of fell apart. There is a reason I'm not into team athletics. I actually had to talk myself down from a really bad attitude. I told Chris afterward that one particular individual on our team who I'd never even met before kept missing the ball--this person asked me a question, and I was so disgusted with his playing that I couldn't even look him in the eye to answer. WWJD? Jesus would have lovingly told him to go practice his bloopers somewhere else and not on his team. I'm almost certain of that.


Sarah Taylor said...

Darn! I'm sorry I missed that. If I'd have known you were going to participate, and show your "true colors", I'd have stayed to watch. :)

Bryan said...

but you still have pregnancy as an excuse. Maybe it wasn't 'true colors', just hormones! By the way, we have an opening on the staff if you're interested...

fourlittlehawks said...

I so enjoy your blog, your sense of humor always cracks me up.
I'm sure you're not at fault, though I wasn't there and don't know you personally at all. Clearly, the other guy broke the slightly lesser known Golden Rule (If you can't play really well, then don't play at all), and didn't deserve to be looked in the eye anyway. And you know, as Christians, we are called to hold each other accountable. Yes, I feel confident that you reacted just as you should have in that situation. And it looks as though your church took notice - was that a job offer I saw in the comment above?
Oh - and congratulations on your wonderful news!