Thursday, June 12, 2008

This One's For You, Honey (If you are easily disturbed by words associated with childbirth don't read this one )

A few weeks ago some gals and I were hanging out talking about childbirth. One of the girls is a Labor & Delivery nurse who regaled us with weird things people do after childbirth. Apparently some women ask to take the placenta with them so they can go home and eat it (see, I told you this was going to be icky). Well, no one likes a "Story Topper," but I got swept up in the moment and told everyone that my mother-in-law kept my husband's foreskin from when he was circumcised as a baby and tried to give it to me. Everyone was aghast. But, that isn't the crux of this post. No. You see, I couldn't exactly remember if it was foreskin or something else she offered me. I knew it had something to do with Hubby's nether regions, so at the last moment I went with foreskin. It was a better story. That night I casually brought up to Chris the fact that I had told a good deal of the young women we went to church with about his mom attempting to give his baby foreskin to me. He was a bit miffed. He reminded me that it was the ring they used to use to circumcise little boy babies with. I said, "Oh, well, my story was better." I guess that didn't help the situation. He asked me if I was going to correct what I'd told all these ladies. I offered to go before the church and make an announcement that it was in fact his penis ring, not his foreskin, that was being made a gift to me. He didn't seem to appreciate this generous offer. Before you think that I make things up and classify me as a bit untrustworthy, you should know that typically this isn't the case. So, on behalf of my hubby and my very generous mother-in-law (I love you, Majaunta), I withdraw my original story and promise not to make people laugh at Chris's expense ever again.

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Sarah Taylor said...

Oh, come on! I'm sure that Bryan wouldn't mind letting you make one, little announcement. Besides, Chris shouldn't stand for having you known as one who exaggerates the truth! If this doesn't get cleared up, we may never be able to trust you again! Regardless, I thought the story was great either way. The "ring" version isn't quite as ghastly, but it is still impressive. After all, with a ring comes the opportunity to DO something with wear it on a charm bracelet, perhaps! :)

btw...I like your new blog skin. It's nice! I thought I'd typed the address in wrong, but I do tend to get confused easily!