Thursday, June 12, 2008

Laughter At Any Price

I can find something amusing about most situations. Even this one that happened to me a couple of months ago that I forgot to write about but magically remembered yesterday. Before the story begins there are a few items of importance you should know. The first is that everyone has their own insecurities and one of mine is my weight. I work hard to destroy my body's natural inclination to be 200 pounds. OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but thinness does not run in my family. I was raised on fried foods, sweets, and Cokes (just a little aside, if you are from the South, all soft-drinks are Cokes). Late in my college career I started lifting weights. I know, I know, you can't tell. I just can't put on muscle, but I try.

Thus the story begins:

I had just worked out at the gym and was feeling good. Working out gives me a much more positive point of view, and I feel like I'm chipping away at that 200 pound Jane that is screaming to get out. I took Chris's car in for an oil change. We like to shop locally and support the little villages around us--it's kinda like buying your neighbor a meal. Despite the increase cost, the people are friendly. One man in particular.

There I am, feelin' good, in my little red gym shorts and there he is at his desk chatting me up and trying to get me to try some food that someone had brought it. Friendly place, right? We got to talking about food, and I mentioned that I was a vegetarian, and we ate alot of tofu. He was very interested in this strange diet and told me his sister was a vegetarian, but she died. I don't think she died of vegetarianism, at least I hope not, but I expressed my sympathy. We were getting along swimmingly. And then he said, "You don't look like a vegetarian. You're aren't really thin like they are." Dude, have you seen my gym shorts? You don't tell a girl that has obviously been working out that she doesn't look thin.

I wasn't real sure how to respond to his comment. I don't think he meant to be cruel, but then I started laughing. What else can you do? It was funny. I kind of imagined him sitting alone at home wondering why he didn't have a wife, or if he had a wife wondering why she was always angry at him when he was just having a conversation. I laughed all the way home and called Chris to tell him about my oil change experience. I haven't taken the car back there. I'm waiting until I loose 10 pounds so my ego can handle whatever is thrown my way.

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