Friday, May 30, 2008

Ms. Frankenstein

I don't know how many of you watched the video Chris posted regarding America's ridiculous spending (Starbucks, lottery tickets, etc.) when there are people starving, but the thing that really gave me pause was how much we spend on our pets. My dogs don't go to doggy day spa or the groomer...if the man that produced that video had seen the way they are currently "groomed," I'm sure that he would grant a little clemency to us in this area.
However, Chris and I spend a good deal of money keeping Trudy's skin on. This week she has about twenty-five staples gracing her shoulder area (this is only the 2nd time this year that she's been injured--we are down by at least 8 incidences from last year). Don't ask me how she cut herself, because we came home from church, and she skulked out of the bedroom with her latest mishap. Before I took her to the vet yesterday morning, the video flashed through my mind. What is that verse in the Bible about being a doer of the Word, not a hearer only? I can give up Starbucks and lottery tickets (mainly because I don't purchase either), but I can't let my dog hurt. Even Sophie getting spayed cost me an entire day of worrying.
Carrie wrote me yesterday to tell me that Olivia was in the hospital with some very major issues. She's one of the little girls that I fell in love with while we were in China. The pain in her eyes is difficult to ignore. She knew her family and loved them and they loved her. Enough to give her up so she might have surgery.

Talk about having two worlds juxtaposed at the same time.
On a lighter note, when Chris told me that I could get a dog a year ago I really wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He cringed at the idea of paying so much for an animal. He said I could get a dog from the pound. Never have I regretted that choice, but I think it might have been cheaper to just get me the Cavalier.


Sarah Taylor said...

Yikes! We'll be praying for both your girls...Trudy and Olivia. Thankfully, we can be confident in knowing that all of the little ones (children and animals) are precious in His sight.

Don said...

"Talk about having two worlds juxtaposed at the same time."

Your words struck home . . .

I am not sure if my prayers are for Oliva to "go home" . . . or to "stay home" . . .

However, we are not in control, and He that is in the world indwelling us, is greater than he that is in the world . . .

We love you both . . . dearly. djz & clz.

Jacob and Carrie said...

For what it's worth, I don't think making sure your dog's skin doesn't fall off is frivolous. We have to have balance in life... I mean, seriously, this could go to such extremes (like weaving our own cloth to make our own clothes so that we don't spend money on buying them). Since we could never really solve the problems in the world, it could be a vicious cycle. Anyway, I'm rambling. Clearly you and Chris have a heart for others... it's OK to take care of your dog. :)

PS: You may want to print this out and put it in your safe or something, because I know it may sound a bit uncharacteristic. I guess I'm becoming a softy to your "girls."