Monday, May 12, 2008

A Weekend With Family

We now have airconditioning at our house! Chris's parents came down this weekend, and he and his dad spent two solid days underneath our house installing it and a new heater. They were both completely filthy, and I was glad I was a woman (a good excuse not to have to venture into the dark recesses). I was able to take both my mom and his out for a mother's day lunch, which, of course, included Hannah. I think that she enjoyed it more than either of them for the simple reason that we had hot tea, and she was given a cup and saucer along with us. We had a tea party. After lunch she told us that she had a very nice time. A high compliment after eating, let me tell you, as she eats like a bird and trying to get her to want to sit down to eat takes alot of convincing.

My friend Sarah also brought her little boy over that afternoon to play with Hannah. Caleb and she cooked and burned us pretend meals on the coffee table. Caleb also entertained us with some wild stories about his motorcycle and his shy girlfriends.

On Saturday my mom, Majaunta, and I took Hannah to the zoo (or the "yoos" as she called it). We got to ride a train and check out all the animals of which the zebra was her favorite. Actually, I think her favorite thing was playing hide and go seek with my mom. The guys finally finished that afternoon and had to top off the evening with dinner at Sadie's. That would probably explain the extra pounds around my middle from this weekend. I have a love/hate relationship with Mexican food. I think we need a month hiatus from tortillas and cheese. If you are scheduled to come visit us in May, prepare yourself for tofu and sprouts.

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