Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Good Reasons to Pray

Two of the little boys that we met while in Beijing are going in for checkups in a couple hours to see when their heart surgeries can be scheduled. Please be lifting these precious little boys up to the Father. Seth has already had one surgery, but this second is very serious, and a little boy died from the same surgery last year. Chris, named after my hubby, is going in to see if he is healthy enough for surgery in the near future.

Seth is the favorite at the orphanage because of his slight build and his endearing smile. He loves to sit on your lap and just be held. He's very weak, though, and can't play quite as intensely as most of the other little boys.

Chris is just an infant, very quiet, with a wrinkly forehead. He looks like a wizened old man. He's such a sweet baby.

While you are praying for their health, please pray for the families that will adopt these sweet boys.

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