Friday, February 8, 2008

Guilty As Sin

Do you ever have those moments where you are angry but don't know whether to scream or cry? Well, I have those frequently, usually with the dogs, and for some reason instead of yelling or crying out in frustration...I laugh. It drives Chris crazy that they can do the most annoying, inane things, and when I really want (and probably should) beat them I just giggle. I'm glad he's not home yet, and let me tell you why:

I left for the gym this morning. Before I did I noticed that the couch in our office was dirty and decided to wash the material on the cushions. I had to de-stuff the pillows that make up the back as the couch is cheap and doesn't have real cushions but a bunch of stuffing. I put all this stuffing in garbage bags because I knew I couldn't leave it lying around, the dogs would have it all over in no time. I locked the dogs in the office, as usual when I left. When I came back it had snowed in the room! Stuffing was everywhere. I don't know how they got into the garbage bags--but they did. As well as eating parts of the bottom cushions as well. I really was ready to discipline, but first I had to run for the camera because for some reason, it looked kinda cute. As I took pictures, I scolded, and Sophie ran into the trash bag to hide in a pile of stuffing. Thus endeth the punishment.

I have to go now...I have a whole room filled with couch stuffing and two bottom cushions to repair before Chris gets home.

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Sarah Taylor said...

I think this might be an instance of the halos being held up by the horns. What stinkers! What adorable, ornery little stinkers! Caleb and I loved the looked like they were playing in piles of snow. I can't even imagine the mess!