Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dog Days

Chris and I are still fighting off whatever interesting bug we picked up in China, as well as enjoying a rather uneventful weekend together with just the two of two furry creatures. Instead of regaling you with tales of our respiratory illnesses, I will tell you how busy our lives have become because of one small change: the puppy. I didn't realize how easy Trudy truly was being a year old when we adopted her. In truth, we've only had Miss Sophie a week, and she's already going outside most of the time to use the bathroom (thank goodness for doggie doors). No accidents so far today.

She bites Trudy incessantly, eats like a linebacker, and whines alot. I love her. So does Chris, although, he's less likely than I to admit it. I've bought her about 10 different stuffed animals to bite so that she won't chomp on far Trudy's slaughtered 3 of them. We've introduced her to a leash as well...she cried out like a stuck pig when we tried to walk her. She's a social little thing, and already seems to know that I'm the one to go to if she wants do they learn that so quickly? She spent one night in the bathroom with paper all over the floor--the next night she was with us in our room, snuggled up next to a disgruntled Trudy. Fortunately, she slept all night.

We will be having company next weekend (Chris's parents are coming with Hannah), so hopefully next weekend is more exciting than this one. When I told Hannah I got a new puppy she said, "why?" That's a good question, Hannah. Children have an amazing ability...they don't beat around the bush. I'm pretty sure my parents, who are the official dog sitters when we are gone are asking themselves the same question.

The picture above is Sophie sleeping on the couch.

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