Monday, December 24, 2007

Meeting the Kids

This morning we got to meet the babies and toddlers that comprise the orphanage. At first it was a little overwhelming with kids running and screaming, but after you pick one or two up you learn to just focus on them. I bonded immediately with Megan (she's in the picture on the left)who has a heart issue--as most of the kids here do). She's over a year old but weighs practically nothing. All she wanted to do was be held.
Upstairs in the baby section, I met Little Annie. She has a cleft palette and two under formed hands. She was precious. These little babies barely make a sound. They love being held and aren't fussy. At least not while we held them. Chris was able to meet the little boy Carrie named after him...he's the one in the picture on the right.
Olivia was the most heartbreaking case I've ever seen. She has a serious heart condition and was abandoned when she was 3 years old because her parents could not afford to care for her. She is only 4 now, so she can remember her past and her parents. Although she does not speak English, you can see the anguish in her eyes. She will cry when you hold her and cry when you put her down. It is obvious that she wants to be cuddled, but you are not the one she wants. I can't imagine anything worse than loving a child, but not having the means to care for her and having to choose an orphanage as the best chance she will get. She is a delicate looking child with the most winning smile. Pray for these children, that the right people will come along and adopt them. To meet them is to fall in love.

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