Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day in China

This morning we watched the kiddos open a plethora of Christmas gifts that were donated to the orphanage. Santa Claus was even able to make an appearance. I'm not sure the children knew who or what to think about him, though. They were all dressed to the nines for the party. Afterwards, we made our way into the village to sample more street food. Aaron purchased Jian Bing, a huge sort of omelet with green onions, red pepper paste, and a square crunchy fried piece placed in the center. Next we bought bread and then sticky rice boiled in a banana leaf and placed in a bamboo stick.

I had to go back and see little Megan before we headed home. Ellie, the nurse who works here, informed us that there is a family lined up to adopt her. I can't help but feel a little jealous. If I could, I would take her home in a heartbeat.

Carrie asked us to go back to the village to purchase some ginger root. Aaron (Chris's youngest brother), Chris and I headed into town with the Mandarin phrase book. Our first adventure on our own. We know how to say "hello," "how much?" "that's too expensive!", and "thank you," not exactly armed with knowledge. We did manage to buy one piece of ginger for 50 cents, after unsuccessfully telling the poor vendor that it was too expensive! We thought she wanted 4 kuai (a dollar here). Oh well. Stupid foreigners.

I had to buy the green tea I'm now addicted to at the store, and so we went in. I was in the aisle checking out some shoes when two Chinese ladies who work there came to watch me. They were animatedly talking about me, pointing, smiling, laughing. It was obvious that I was the source of their interest. It was a little uncomfortable, but here it isn't rude to stare. I finally said hello to them in Chinese. They said hi back, but kept on talking. They were probably pointing out to each other how my huge foreign feet were no way going to fit in those tiny shoes.
The pictures are, from left to right: the vendor with the sticky rice in banana leaf, my sweet girl Megan, and Seth, Olivia, and Megan.

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