Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sticks & Stones

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted a boy when Chris and I have children. That is until I met Hannah and realized how much fun a girl was. However, this past weekend in Cuchara, Leah and Jeff Chisum brought their 3 kids, and I find their youngest son, Isaiah, to be absolutely irresistible. Isaiah was adopted last year from China and is now 4 years old. As I was trying to read my book, Isaiah came over and asked me to fix his lego toy. After a moment, the book forgotten, we played cars, and then he wanted me to take him outside. We went down the stairs with his hand in mine, and he led me to the stream in front of the Harnley's house where he decided we should throw sticks and stones into the river. After a while, I suggested we throw a stick to Trudy, so we headed up the bank. That's when Isaiah dropped his drawers and started peeing. There was no warning, just a swift pulling down of the pants and there you go. I looked back to see what he was doing and tried not to burst out laughing. I called Chris over to come see. Unfortunately, Isaiah didn't unbutton his pants, so he couldn't get them back up. I helped him with that and then we went inside. I decided I would eat an apple; I guess when you are 4 you want to do whatever the grownups are doing. So, Isaiah decided he'd eat one too. Leah (his mother) said she usually has to peel them for him, but since I was eating mine unpeeled, Isaiah had to be like me. So, we ate our apples and then I reminded him to remove the sticker from the apple before he swallowed it. He asked me what had happened to mine. I guess mine didn't have one, but I told him I must've eaten it accidentally. Isaiah pulled his sticker off and put it in his mouth. I took it away from him. Since I finished my apple quickly, I went to the trash can to throw mine away, and didn't realize I had a shadow. I threw my apple away and started talking to Chris and Sheridan about something before I realized that Isaiah threw his half eaten apple away too. I just laughed. Sheridan asked me what I was giggling about, but I didn't have the heart to tell on him. After being around both Hannah and Isaiah, it's pretty easy to see why people adopt.

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