Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Katherine, Cuchara, and 8 Hours in the Car

This weekend was another busy one making it the 6th weekend in a row we've not spent at home. My parents were headed to Cuchara, and both Chris and I decided that we should try and stay around here. Especially since our pet babysitters were taking off. So Friday Chris and I made our 4th and last attempt to hike to Lake Katherine from the Holy Ghost Trail in Pecos. This has been the most frustrating, elusive hike we've ever done. Our first attempt was in June of this year. We made it about 4 miles before we had to turn around because of the snow. The next time, a few weeks later, we brought along snow shoes. We were forced to turn back when there was so much snow we lost the trail. At the time, we figured we were within 100 feet of reaching Katherine. Not so! The 3rd time we came up from Winsor Trail, but it began lightening and Chris made the decision to turn us around. This time we had no expectations about reaching the lake. We just ambled along, enjoyed all the fall colors, and FINALLY, we made it! Eight miles later, we sat down beside the lake (which isn't as pretty as the ones in Carson National Forest, by the way) to eat our lunch. And, wouldn't you know it: it began to hail. It was very cold up there, so we packed up and headed back down the mountain. We couldn't figure out why it was so dark outside when we got back to the car. Neither of us owns a watch, so when the car clock read 6 p.m. we were more than a little surprised. We'd been hiking for 8 hours. We drove back to Santa Fe where we ate Curry Soup (so yummy) at a Vietnamese restaurant, and made our way to my parent's house where Sidney the Cat was eagerly awaiting Trudy's arrival. He loves to pounce on her.

I don't know how he did it after our loooong hike, but Chris woke up on Sat. to play flag football. Trudy and I (his biggest fans) went to the park to watch. He's such a least Trudy and I think so.

After the game, Chris and I talked about what we could possibly do with this long weekend at home when he decided that Colorado was still calling to him. We left the poor cat to fend for himself at my parents, headed home to pack, and left around 2 for Stonewall, Colorado. We were very kindly offered bunk beds in the same room my parents were staying in Cuchara, but we respectfully turned down that offer for a cute inn across the street from the Cabot Ranch. The wind blew horribly that night, but Chris and I slept like babies. The next morning (Sunday) we made our way to the Harnley's, where everyone was preparing to drive back home. Chris took Monday off, so we waved goodbye and went on a very short hike by Blue and Bear Lakes. Somehow we worked up a fierce appetite and drove to the Dog Bar where Trudy is always welcome.

Our trip home on Monday was a long 8 hours as we decided to take the scenic route through Cimarron, Eagle's Nest, and Angel Fire. It was beautiful up there, but we were very ready to be home.

This weekend is the Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church in Albuquerque, and as much as I like to travel, I think we're going to enjoy the food and dancing in town.

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