Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Perfect Saturday

We do quite a bit of hiking, especially in the Pecos, but our favorite trail we just discovered last Saturday. We started out in exactly the same spot as our hike with Nick and Jenny which is by Truchas, New Mexico, down a long dirt forest service road (with Chris 4 wheel driving in his Maxima), and finally, the trail head. This trail to Trampas Lakes was longer (5.5 miles one way)but easier than the one we did with Nick and Jenny, but I believe the lakes, as well as the trail, were actually prettier. So far we've been impressed with Carson National Forest and although I love the hikes we've done in Pecos, this side of the mountains is more lush and beautiful. My partiality to this hike does not stem from the fact that A) I didn't fall down the mountain at all this time and B) it didn't rain/hail/sleet/snow on us on our way back. In fact, we were prepared for this eventuality which is probably why it didn't happen.

After our long hike, we were ready for some serious food and took the high road to Taos. We were craving pizza, and so we stumbled upon Taos Pizza Outback. The name threw us and we decided that we didn't want to eat at Outback pizza, but it was a great restaurant with picnic tables and huge cottonwood trees outside. The perfect casual atmosphere when you've been hiking all day. The only non-perfect element was the price...$23 for a medium pizza. We didn't even have meat! But, it was yummy and we ate the whole thing. And so, it was a perfect day, even the long drive back home was worth it.

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J. and C. said...

ok - so I'm a blog addict. If you have a counter on your blog and you notice your numbers skyrocketing, it is because I check your blog several times a day... :) You need to post more!! (Or I need to get a life... one of the two)