Monday, August 6, 2007

Our New Little Sister

It is official! Chris and I are the proud brother and sister of Xiao Ai (Hannah Joy) McKean today. Chris's parents are currently in China, having successfully adopted a cute little 3 year old on August 6th, China time. She sounds like she'll fit right in with the strong-willed McKean girls as she refused to kiss her foster mom goodbye, she doesn't like her Dora the Explorer Doll because its ugly, and she apparently likes her new dad's attention and runs to him when she sees him. We are so thrilled to finally have this sweet little girl in our family. I don't have any pics of her yet, but you can check out her foster mom's blog at:; she's the little girl with the birth mark on her face. She's also the same age as the other little girl, Xiao Qing, but as you can see, she's very tiny. We get to see our new sister at the end of the month!

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