Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Neck of the Woods

Chris is back from a week long trip to Salt Lake City. I had a glorious week staying at my parent's house and feeling like I was on vacation. Most of my nausea and tiredness has dissipated. Not all, but enough for me to feel like I'm human again. And, enough so that the Jane-sized indention on the couch is beginning to fade. Ugh, I dislike the 1st trimester of pregnancy so much.

I reached the 12 week mark while Chris was away. Had a doc appointment where we heard the heart-beat again, and because it is getting increasingly difficult to hide the fact that I'm pregnant, I told the world. In case you don't have Facebook, then I guess you are just finding out.

I had a cute way of telling Chris that I was pregnant. At least, I thought it was cute. We found out rather soon that I was, but I'd been cooking this idea ever since we decided we wanted Haven to have a sibling. I sent him an email with this picture:
It was my t-shirt when I was a baby. I thought it was a clever and memorable way of sharing the news. But, here is how he acted:
He wasn't sure if the t-shirt was just something I put on Haven that day or if there was a message. He did respond positively after I told him it was true.