Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Poopy-Rocky Song

Haven started singing the Rocky-Poopy song when we were outside a few days ago. I was picking up dog poop and she was watching me. She loves rocks (or rockies as she calls them)--they figure largely in her life as a source of entertainment. Possibly watching me pick up poop is also a source of amusement for her. Anyway, I was driving to the mailbox and I asked her to sing the song for me.
She improvised. Some of it I can't understand but I did hear a "Poopy...Sophie...[out]side" in there.

Guarantee this song is going to hit the top 40 soon. It's catchy.

1 comment:

majaunta said...

grandma nai nai absolutely wants a copy of her cd. I think it's gonna be gold!