Tuesday, September 14, 2010


completed 100 miles in a Century. It only took 4 times. And, nine hours. Kind of embarrassing when Chris does it in half the time I do. Here's a pic of Maren, Fae, and myself at mile 67. Heidi took the picture so she's missing, but she "won" the 25 mile ride--she's preggo so that's pretty impressive. You can't really win on these rides because they aren't races, but if you could, then she would have. And, here I am at the finish. Check out my hair. I was so exhausted from climbing Bobcat pass that when I got to go downhill towards the finish line I don't think I put the brakes on once. Thus the hair.
It was such a great weekend. I finished my summer goal of riding 100 miles in a day. And, of getting one girl's weekend before the year ends.

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