Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Parasitic Princess?

My little creek wader/drinker. You've been fighting a stomach bug ever since we returned from Boone. Your daddy being a certified doctor/toxicologist/knows too much-er (yes, there is a certificate for that) thought that you may have contracted giardia from drinking creek water while we were on our trip. It could happen. You drink bird bath water, dog water, creek water, water from the swimming pool. Need I go on?

After a week and a half of no improvement Chris convinced me to take you to the pediatrician. I did. She didn't think that you had a parasite, but she did say if it didn't clear up that I needed to get you tested for it. Five days later you appear to be over whatever was ailing you. I think you've lost some weight and you didn't have much to lose.

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