Saturday, July 10, 2010

What I Learned

Houston did produce something great. I got a new phone! It also produced a beautiful new couple (cheers to Aaron & Eileen). Plus it was a learning experience.
Here's what I learned:
1. A gin & tonic can make a lot of bad things OK
2. I still like dirty martinis--thank you, open bar at the wedding
3. my husband is cuter than I am--the male bartender (not gay), remembered what he was drinking every single time and never remembered mine.
4. I can embarrass my husband when I dance to Jay-Z. He does say to put your "hands in the air." C'mon Chris.
5. Coming home to a teething baby when there is no gin & tonic waiting for you sucks

I sound a little bit like a lush. I actually hardly ever drink, but am subject to it in the event of a flood.

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