Friday, April 2, 2010

The Way I Feel About Your Wheels

Chris got a new bike today. I haven't seen him this happy since...well, since our honeymoon night. He even took a few hours off work so he could be here when "she" finally came home. He was giddy when I saw him and demanded that I come voice my joy over his newest fling. I didn't do it justice so he called his brother, Nick.

Haven likes Daddy's new bike and won't leave it alone. Thus turning her into a grease monkey because her favorite part is the chain. The bike is in our house. Chris told me that he doesn't have room out in the shed for it (which I think may be a bit of a lie since he sold his other two bikes which means we are down one--unless he is using some kind of mathematical calculation that I'm not familiar with). I suggested he put it outside that way we don't have to keep reprimanding our baby for going into the bedroom where she's always been allowed to be. But, apparently, it's too cold outside for her. Who knew?

I came home this afternoon and caught him stroking the bike lovingly. I could be a jealous wife and demand that this other woman be cast out of my sight. But, I'm more open-minded than that. If he gets a girl, then I get something too. Apple is coming out with the i-pad this week. It's only fair.

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