Monday, April 19, 2010

Haven, We Have a Problem...

We had a great evening with friend's last night. Miss Haven did especially. My friend, Sarah, has 3 little boys now. Haven loved baby Nathan. She gave him kisses all over and tried to pet his eyes. I've taught her the word, "gentle" which I use when she pets the dogs. Sometimes she can be over exuberant when touching them. She'll tone it down when she hears "gentle"; however, it's difficult to explain to a one year old that you can't use the same gentle touch with the dogs as you do with a week old baby. She had good, loving intentions. Even if she wanted to poke his little eyes. He slept peacefully on through all the loving.

We used to think that Sarah's two year old, Owen, might be a problem because he was kissing on her when she was just a few month's old and sharing his pacifier with her. However, I think the problem might be with our daughter. I happened to glance over at the two of them while we were all eating dinner and Haven had Owen pinned against the wall where he couldn't get away with her arms on either side of him. She wasn't sure what to do with him there, and Owen had to pretend he didn't like it, so he ran away, but kept coming back. Haven's Daddy might have a couple words to say to his frisky little daughter before she turns 16.

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