Sunday, September 20, 2009

Head Banger

Now that Haven is more mobile it seems like everyday I hear a big thump followed by a wail. Which means she didn't hang on hard enough as she was attempting to scale the kitchen chair or the basket in the hallway. She is currently sporting a very cool bruise on her forehead. She has about half a dozen scratches all over her face from her super sharp fingernails as well. In other words, she looks like a scrapper.

I try to intercede when I can see disaster looming as she holds on to the couch swaying precariously close to the sharp edges of the coffee table. But, what do you do when she's crawling after Sophie to get a handful of nice, black puppy hair and misjudges the distance smacking her face on the kitchen tile? What do you do?

Redirecting her also serves very little purpose. She's got her mind made up where she wants to go, and so it is useless to hand her a toy or place her in a less risky situation because, darn it, she is determined. My sweet baby girl looks like a prize fighter. And she's not even walking yet.

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