Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summary of the 4th

Today was Haven's 4 month check up. Including vaccinations. I hate vaccinations. Both for myself and for my baby. She was so happy, playing with the doctor, smiling at the nurse...and then they poked her.

On the plus side, I was told that she has the motor skills of a six month old. He marveled at how much she moves. No kidding. I wonder if he would marvel at her set of pipes if he heard them?

She's really starting to be so much fun, though. Now that she's sleeping better mommy can truly enjoy her. She's very interested in food--not just beer. She loves to pet Trudy (i.e. pull her hair). Her favorite food is peas. Yuck. I don't know if she's my girl or not.

This is a picture of her on the 4th of July in the outfit her great grandma Keagy gave her. She doesn't normally do bows--or rather, her mommy doesn't, but I thought she looked pretty cute. However, we took her to see her Auntie Sarah Taylor, and she was stripped down in no time. Her Auntie even babysat her so that I could ride bikes with the big boys--that would be Zach and Chris. I didn't go with them for long because 1. they make me look bad since they can ride so much faster and further than I can and it annoys me & 2. there was a huge storm coming in.

I headed back to Sarah's parent's house in Moriarty where we were all hanging out after about an hour. I left the guys debating on which direction they should head. To the Northwest was a huge storm with sheets of rain. However, I implied that they would be wussies if they went to the South, and so they headed off without me. When I arrived at Kathy and Chuck's house (Sarah's parents) without the boys, Chuck was slightly concerned about them. Sarah and I told him they were fine. He asked what would happen if it hailed. I told him that they had helmets on, it would be loud. We were both unconcerned, even with Chuck offering to go fetch them. I guess we should have listened, but they do stuff like this periodically--we can't be responsible for their behavior. They did eventually call to ask that we come retrieve them a few miles from Santa Fe where they'd ridden into the thunderstorm. They suggested we pick them up and go out for dinner. Sarah suggested they get a room together. I liked that idea. We sent Chuck, who I think was keen on the rescue mission. Next time they shouldn't listen to the person who is headed back to the safety of the house.

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Sarah Taylor said...

I'm seriously rethinking my suggestion about "the boys" getting a room together. They didn't seem to be bothered by the prospect at all. They said, "Great! First we'll stop by Santa Fe Brewing Co. for a beer, then we'll hit REI." I think they looked at it as an incredible opportunity to run rampant sans supervision. Not a good idea. So, although I don't completely retract the threat to make them get a room next time they pull another stupid stunt (which I'm sure will happen sooner rather than later), I will definitely remember that we'll have to call and cancel their credit cards before we *temporarily* leave them to think about their foolishness.