Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Daddy Duty

I was able to go to the gym yesterday while Chris watched our little human. He even made me dinner while I was gone. I think this is a pretty good gig I've got here. It was Haven's first time taking a bottle, and I was told she did fine. She refused to take it from me, but Chris didn't seem to have a problem. I'm not sure I liked that a bottle replaced me or that she didn't appear to be the least upset that her mommy had left her. Maybe that comes with age.

I can't imagine that any future postings on our blog are going to be about anything other than Haven or the most mundane day to day life goings-on. I'm pretty good at making up stories, so if I have to keep a captive audience I will. In the meantime, we are all doing well. We look pretty sleep deprived, but if we can make it through this newborn sleeping phase, then all it can do is improve--at least that's what I'm told.


Bryan said...

We are not at all bored with stories of Haven. I read them all and look in awe at the pictures. She is beautiful and you two are already great at being mommy and daddy. Dawn and I love you guys very much.

Sarah Taylor said...

What a BEAUTIFUL picture of a GORGEOUS baby girl! Watch out, those lips look like they were made for kissing!

Chris and Jane said...

Those lips are for her dad..."big pappa" as I like to be called. Because I am a nice guy and I saw how Haven entered this world, I let her mother steal a few, but it may make me a little jealous. Somehow, when I am not looking I think there are a few others trying to sneak some in, Owen, but I am keeping track of all this.