Monday, October 20, 2008

New Experiences

I think it's useful to try something new every once in a while. Even if it is potentially harmful to others, which this very well could have been. It is best to ignore the protests of disgust and just forge on. Friday night Chris and I had dinner with our friends Sarah and Zach at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. I took the liberty of ordering all the food so that they could try more than just one dish. It went well. I think Zach likes Vietnamese food and Sarah is coming around. Until Chris asked about dessert, that is. They only had two desserts. The first was ice cream served in a young coconut and topped with whipped cream. How can you go wrong with that? Unless you don't like coconut, in which case your gastronomical judgements are already severely impaired and you need more help than I can offer on my blog. The second dessert, well, I wasn't really listening with both ears and only heard that it came with three different kinds of beans and coconut milk. That's just weird. So, I wanted to try it. I didn't hear the part where our waiter explained that it was a drink or that it came with green jello on top. Before I had a chance to change my mind Chris OK'd my original decision (it truly is his fault when things go awry) and the waiter walked off with our order of 3 Bean Drink. When it came it was the most bizarre drinkable concoction I'd ever seen. There were three layers of beans on the bottom--kidney, mung, and something else, topped off with coconut milk and the aforementioned green jello. It was kind of intriguing in a way. Thank you, Sarah, for finding a picture for me. We were informed that you mix it up with the straw before tasting which didn't help the appearance. I would describe the experience as eating your entree and dessert simultaneously. It wasn't horrible, but neither was it delicious. Zach didn't seem to have a problem eating it. He was pleased to have his protein, fiber, and dessert all in one handy glass.


Bryan said...

I think that '3 bean drink' should be our new communion drink, and you can't be a member without it.

Chris & Jane said...

I think that's a great idea, Bryan. Kind of like drinking the "special kool-aid," but healthier. It would also weed out those people that have a lot of fear in their lives. To be a good Christian, you must overcome fear and this drink would be the first step.

fourlittlehawks said...

Do you ever wonder how things like this get started? Like, who was the first person to ever put those ingredients together and call it a drink? I suspect they drank ALOT of something else beforehand.
~ Jen