Monday, July 28, 2008


Saturday was my mom's birthday. There isn't anyone in the world quite like Connie Keagy and if you know her, you would readily agree. She's got the prettiest smile of anyone I know, and she's one of the friendliest and kookiest persons I've met. She's always been a fun mom. I'm embarrassed to admit that when I go to their house to swim, my mom and I end up on inflatable rafts racing each other like two kids. We also have a game where we are pirates who sink each other's "boat." That is, we meet in the middle of the pool and attempt to flip each other over. We're usually very mature individuals, but occasionally we let our hair down. Sometimes we are oil and water and sometimes we are like two giggling schoolgirls.
My mom has probably been the most influential person in my life as regards to my spiritual walk; she challenges me and isn't afraid to tell me what she truly thinks. She doesn't know a stranger, will cry with you if you are hurting, and makes a lovely black walnut malt if you have your wisdom teeth out.
You've already heard a few stories about my dad, but before I tell this one (a personal favorite) about my mom, you must know that my dad is possibly the world's most easy-going, patient man ever born. He is not easily rattled. You should also know that my mom has a propensity to shop--T.J. Maxx is a favorite, and because of this he keeps his checkbook and credit card in a kind of death grip against any interloper.
Chris and I had just moved here from Dallas and we were sitting around watching t.v. when my dad walks in and asks my mom if she went shopping today. Apparently, she'd wanted some clothes, and my dad told her he would pay for a certain amount of clothing and she could pay for the rest. Well, she found more than a pair of jeans and the amount he'd been willing to pay was far exceeded. So, when he told her that he was only going to chip in for say, $70, and would she give him the rest, she very matter-of-factly told him that she was not in agreement with their arrangement anymore. My dad was a little baffled, but before he could say anything else she said, "I apologize. And since I've apologized you have to forgive me if you want God to forgive you." I don't think dad got any money back. Chris, I think, was shell-shocked and didn't understand why my mom and I were laughing.
She's also given me some tips on how to hide large purchases made on a credit card from a questioning husband. It is brilliant...I haven't used it yet because I'm the one who pays the bills and it would be difficult to surprise myself. But, if you are interested, I could fill you in.
When I say that my mom was very influential as far as my spiritual walk, I probably wouldn't count the above story as being all that spiritual, although, if you are like some Christians and like to analyze certain Hollywood movies and say they have classic god-like principals, then you can probably derive some sort of moral lesson as far as giving and forgiveness are concerned.
In the mean time, I'm happy to celebrate another year with my favorite mom.

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