Thursday, April 17, 2008

Losing Our Baby

There really aren't words to describe this experience. These two pictures are the only things I have to catalogue our baby's short life. The first one is the piece of paper the doctor gave me confirming my pregnancy. The second one is the wrist band I wore at the hospital on Tuesday night when they gave me an ultrasound showing where the baby should be but wasn't. I will never forget watching the screen and seeing nothing but black space where my baby should have been.


Kathy said...

Dear Jane and Chris,
Your baby was with you for such a brief time, and yet I know that your hearts were filled with love, hopes, and dreams for your precious little one. I am so sorry for your loss. Look to God for comfort, healing, and restoration. He loves you so much!

I am praying for you.

Don said...

Dear Chris and Jane,
Chris, you wrote..."God is not above or outside of suffering or being affected by and responsive to His creation. In fact, God's greatness is displayed precisely in His willingness to be affected, to be responsive, and to suffer for the sake of love."

and so, there is mo doubt that the eyes of God are tear-filled... as are mine and my wife Rita's, tonight.

May God Love for you bring Healing and a reminder that... "He will not leave you or forsake you..."

You are in our prayers..
Don & Rita Shapiro

Anonymous said...

We all hurt alongside you, surely not as deeply, but we are with you nonetheless. We pray for your comfort in the midst of all your sadness.

Bryan and Dawn

Sarah Taylor said...

My dear Jane and Chris,

Those two physical things may be the only material reminders of your precious baby's life. However, you both have more to remind you of your dear one. Jane, remember the naseau. For the first time in your life, the feeling was met with joy and expectation. You gladly disregarded your own comfort for the evidence that there was new life growing inside you. Chris, you had happy tears that welled up when your suspicions of pregnancy were confirmed. In that instant, your world changed.

Jane, you are a mother. A mommy who knows the torment of emptiness. Chris, you are a father. A daddy who has felt the sting of a pain that no one should ever have to know.

The words that God has given me to share with you are simply this: "I AM." I AM your peace. I AM sufficient to meet all your needs. I AM a father who knows the unspeakable pain of losing a son. I AM grieved by every tiny sparrow that falls to the ground. I AM crying with you.

He really is everything you need. Take comfort in his provision. Take refuge under the shadow of his wing. Take solace in the fact that you are loved, so dearly.

We are praying for you and crying with you.

Much love,

Dave said...

Hey guys I just wanted to encourage you to fight against the devil and dont let him steal your joy. Know that God loves you and that will never change. We love you too and you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Jane and Chris,

I wish I had the perfect words. Just know that I'm praying.


Clay said...

Chris and Jane,
I know your pain. It happen to me. Your baby and my baby are playing around HIS feet. I love you guys!!!Love, pam

Anonymous said...

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