Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Does God Experience Us?

I want to turn the tables for just a moment if you will allow. Since I am the only one that reads these...I grant my wish, and I will proceed.

What is the value of a creation not experienced? Is there any value in it at all? The question, "Does God experience His own creation?" really refers to the "why" of creation, but implications of the answer are far reaching.
So, does God experience His own creation?

God created the universe, saw it, and said it was good. He walked with Adam in the cool of the evening while in the Garden of Eden. He responded to our fallen condition and became human. He suffered for our sins by dying on a cross.

That cross reveals that God is not above or outside of suffering or being affected by and responsive to His creation. In fact, God's greatness is displayed precisely in His willingness to be affected, to be responsive, and to suffer for the sake of love.

There are so many directions to take this, but for now I want to ask another question.
Do we allow the sufferings of others to penetrate our minds and hearts in a manner worthy of such an example as Christ?

If the God who created the universe chose to experience our condition, why do we choose not to experience others?

Everyday I see homeless people and most times I choose to think thoughts like, if they had not made this or that decision, if they would only get a job, or they probably make more money than I do. This shields me from their reality. It makes it easier to place some blame for their condition on them or to see it as a choice they made. It removes my ability to feel what they feel and have compassion for them. No longer are they the casualties of a spiritual war, but they are suicide bombers. People I can't love like Christ loved me.

Lord, having eyes let me see!



Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Great post! I pray that we all can begin to live this way rather than just 'think' this way. Life is so busy and it is so easy to just take care of our own needs all of the time. We love you guys.

Bryan and Dawn

Jacob and Carrie said...

You aren't the only one who reads your blog... :)

I agree with Bryan; this is a great post. Making a conscious effort to break down barriers between us and the strangers on the street; to open ourselves up to the possibility of relationship with the "others" who we normally keep at arm's length; to really seek to empathize and not just sympathize -- those are steps towards looking more like Jesus. But it is a scary walk to take, as it is much easier to happily exist in the bubble of our own priorities.


Don said...

Dear Chris,

Your thoughts, especially "No longer are they the casualties of a spiritual war", turned my thoughts to Peter as we await the "Son-rise" of Easter. The long dark night of "Saturday" is almost over . . . it must have been the darkest day in Peter's life. All, even those close to the Father, can be a casualty for a day! However, He who has called us with a heavenly calling will get us through the dark "Saturdays" of life.

Forever from this day when I see a homeless "casualty", I will think of your post . . .

In His love, don.

majaunta said...

Amen...may we all have eyes to see and may we live from realit of faith not just love what God is doing in

Clay said...

He must have had a great teacher in his younger days. Love, Pam in Henan