Monday, October 15, 2007

An Opportunity to Enhance Your Prayer Life

I will be spending my weekend and all of next week babysitting my little sister-in-law Hannah in Pampa. If you are reading this and you pray, please start a novena for me immediately! : ) I'm not sure what to expect, but I've already been given a stern talking to about being too lenient and letting a three year old boss me around. Based on my treatment of Trudy, I tend to appear a bit too lax when it comes to discipline. However, I contend that you can't ruin a dog with spoiling. A child is a different story. Although Miss Hannah is undoubtedly bossy, she's also well behaved so I'm hoping that the one will cancel the other out. This will be the first time that she's been without her mother for any length of time, so I might be in for a real treat, but the optimist in me is looking forward to the opportunity to get to know her better. The only drawback will be not seeing my husband for a week, but at least I'll have an edge when it comes to who Hannah likes more. My competitive nature will always win out. I'm sure I'll be blogging in two weeks about all the experiences I've had with Hannah. I haven't babysat since high school so perhaps you should start a novena for Hannah too.

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Majaunta said...

I am praying...however I intend to keep you up to wee hours tomorrow night filling you in on all the details you will need to survive. Love you & see you soon...M