Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Camping Trip With Carrie & Jacob

Sharing a sleeping bag with Trudy, two sleepless nights, and a 14 mile hike: these are the days of our lives. We went camping this weekend with Carrie and Jacob near Truchas, NM in a beautiful spot by a stream. There were no 30 pound packs to carry, unlike my first camping experience. Instead a large tent, a blow-up mattress, and even a picnic table figured into this posh camping experience.

We chose the site based on the gorgeous hike Chris and I had done before. Carrie and Jacob were troupers! Unused to the altitude, they made it to the lakes (hiking 7 miles to 11,000 feet) where we lit a fire and took naps and just enjoyed the quiet and serenity of a remote mountain lake. Everyone but me slept like a rock that night; I was so cold I chose to share my mummy sleeping bag with Trudy. She warmed me up, but it was a tight fit. Before bedtime, though, Carrie and I decided that a bath was needed, so we warmed up some creek water, donned a bikini, and made our respective husbands soap and pour. It was truly a cold, yet refreshing experience. I would recommend it highly. Who says you can't enjoy all the comforts of home while camping? Obviously they've never gone with the McKeans...for pics follow this link:

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